July 2019 Band of the Month!  

Stillborn , Canadian band was born January 2019. It was formed from the “ashes” of Revolt. The Revolt rhythm section, Fred and JC decided to move on to a more aggressive modern sound and pursue progressive collaborative songwriting. Stillborn was chosen as the new name. 

The mission of Stillborn is to create music in a collaborative method to allow each of the musicians influences to be reflected in the final product. The band wishes to write and produce around 10 -12 tunes that are ready for live performances and pro recording . Once the songs are ready is when touring will commence as well as securing pro recording opportunities with producers.

Along the way , the band will produce itself in a pre-production environment to have product ready for pro studios. It will share those pre-production tunes on Facebook for feedback. We are looking forward to keeping our fans updated and will post all news on Facebook. For now share and spread the news to help us to meet our goals...