May Band of the Month - Doc Synizter and the DeathRoad Motor Zombies!

About the Band...

Doc Synizter (and The Deathroad Motor Zombies) is a solo rock/rockabilly/psychobilly/southern rock/country artist and lead guitarist/lead vocalist of the indie national hard rock act War On Hollywood. After signing with Vitaminic in the late 1990's and releasing two instrumental guitar albums globally on that label and licensing out a third consisting of blues/jazz fusion instrumentals he went on to form the national hard rock/metal/industrial band Faustian X. Faustian X headlined venues all around the central Florida area from around 2001 - 2004, backing tracks which had won syndicated national airplay to a 2 million listener audience after competing on DJ Cannabis' show on LIVE 365. 

Eventually, after changing members Faustian X was reincarnated as the hard rock national act War On Hollywood who's self titled debut album spawned several indie chart topping hits including the #1 rockabilly song in the world on Reverbnation and the N1M charts - Bad Boy Boogie. War On Hollywood held the #1 rock artist position on the Reverbnation charts for Tampa and the region for several years and played extensively in the central Florida area headlining some of the biggest venues while releasing two albums internationally, both written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered by Doc Synizter, both currently available world wide from Amazon and many other outlets. War On Hollywood also shot several official music videos two of which aired on TheCOOLTV. Tracks from both War On Hollywood albums enjoyed extensive airplay and rave reviews from some of the biggest, most popular internet rock/metal radio stations including Rock Addict Radio, Metal Head Radio, Rocker's Dive, Skope and many others. During this time Doc Synizter went on to release Deathroad Motor Zombies, a solo rockabilly/spookabilly album which spawned several more indie hits on the indie charts, N1M, charts and launching him to #1 rockabilly artist in the world briefly on Reverbnation and getting rave reviews from RockHard magazine and Rock Addict Radio and many others.

After relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015 Doc Synizter produced, wrote, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered two more solo albums 'Hot Rods From Outer Space' and the instrumental blues collection 'Last Call In The City Of Sin' both also currently available worldwide from Amazon and other international outlets. Hot Rods From Outer Space and Deathroad Motor Zombies generated enough interest to boost Doc Synizter to the #1 position for all of Nevada on the Reverbnation rockabilly charts as well as #1 in Nashville, and #1 in Tampa and as high as #26 in the entire USA. He also currently holds the #18 position in the entire world on the Indiecharts southern rock charts.