INTRINSIC-Ahead of the Game (Quarantine 2020)

Posted by NORM!! on Friday, October 23, 2020 Under: NEW MUSIC
California central coast power/thrash outfit, Intrinsic, has reactivated and released a quarantine video. The video features a remake of the song “Ahead of the Game” off of the 1987 self-titled album released on Relativity Records. The album was well-received by Kerrang! Magazine, garnering a 5 “K” review and ranking #11 for top metal albums of 1987. After some personnel changes, founding members Mike Mellinger (guitar) and Chris Binns (drums) solidified the line up with Lee Dehmer (vocals), Garrett Craddock (guitar, vocals), and eventually Mike McLaughlin (bass). The band released the Distortion of Perspective EP (1990) and Closure (1996) before disbanding in 1998. Additional material was recorded over the course of multiple sessions in 1991 and 1992, but was ultimately shelved after an untimely industry shift away from thrash and traditional metal. In 2015, Divebomb Records gave new life to the 1991/1992 recording sessions and released the album ‘Nails’, which received positive reviews from both critics and fans. “Since the release of ‘Nails’, we have been discussing the possibility of reactivating, but have had difficulties aligning schedules,” says Mike Mellinger. “Quarantine changed everything.” The band has begun writing new material and is currently eyeing a 2021 release. Ahead of the Game Quarantine 2020 Version will also be released to metal radio and available on streaming services as a standalone track.


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