The Metal Den and Metal Coffee PR now working together!

Posted by DJ REM on Saturday, February 8, 2020

A New Revolution In Heavy Metal PR Has Begun!! Two giants in the world of heavy metal band promotions have a reached an agreement to come together as one. The Metal Den Band Promotions and Metal Coffee PR from this day forward will now combine their powerhouse operations to deliver the most DOMINATING metal band promotions ever in the history of the world.

TMD creator, Randy “Rocket” Cody, comments:

“I want to thank Wes Jaques of Metal Coffee PR for joining forces with my creation, because I have had my eyes on this dude for a long time, and knew in my heart that if we could ever combine our efforts into one dynamic team that the world of metal would be changed forever! I believe our new partnership is going to be a game changer as to how PR in the underground of metal is handled for so many talented artists around earth, and so without a doubt, it is my absolute pleasure to have reached such a union at a critical time when I think metal needs it the most. What fans themselves will reap from this combining of our PR entities… is nothing short of undisputed greatness, not just in the bands that they will now be exposed to but I fully believe that this is truly one of the most important moments in the history of heavy metal, due to the fact that for years to come, the music in the metal industry is going to rise to a NEW LEVEL and flourish in a very remarkable way.”

“Metal Coffee services are available for any band around the world, doesn’t matter where you are, we help you to spread your music, be it a single, an album or a music video or even your tour! We’ll provide you access to a private network of record label executives, bands, press agencies, managers and so on…”

Metal Coffee PR has a tremendous “reach through radio stations and podcasts, which helped 11 bands to get a record deal, in 2018 alone.”

Since being created in 2005, THE METAL DEN has become a literal household name in the game of hard rock and heavy metal music news reporting. TMD’s owner, “Rocket”, is widely considered to be the greatest rock journalist ever, having seen his prolific work published in more countries than any metal writer before him.‘s platform is simply unmatched, in terms of overall views and impressions. Since 2017 alone, hundreds of millions of readers globally have been touched by his work.”

Bands who are interested in getting a free service proposal, email Rocket via

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